Core Values

GENEROSITYWe genuinely want to take care of people and believe that every interaction is an opportunity to enrich each other, our guests and our suppliers.

Taking care of people means we strive for everyone in our community to feel welcome and valued.

Enriching each other means that we foster growth and development in every person, and want to help them realize their best selves.

Enriching our guests means we don’t just want to serve our guests a meal. We want to make meaningful personal connections, share our knowledge, our passion for food and our personality so that each guest feels truly satisfied.

Enriching our suppliers means we look for ways to foster our relationship and promote our shared values—because our success relies on each other.


ACCOUNTABILITYWe “show up” as our best selves, and we take initiative for solving problems and delivering the best results in every situation.

Showing up as our best selves means trying hard every day, and having a positive attitude—and when you can’t, it means asking for help.

Taking initiative means always keeping your eyes open for—and acting on—opportunities to improve our work and the customer experience. It means leaving every situation better than you found it.

Solving problems means finding and fixing the root cause of a problem— and putting solid systems in place to ensure solutions hold.

Delivering the best results means considering the needs of all parties involved, and working toward the most ideal solution.


INTEGRITY – Integrity drives us in everything we do. It begins with how

we treat each other and our guests, and is evident in our consistent delivery of the best possible experiences around high quality products.

Treat each other with integrity means understanding and caring about each other as whole people, not just as coworkers.

Treat our guests with integrity means treating every guest like they are a part of our family.

Best possible experiences with integrity means we care about the entire customer journey—from reservations all the way through each meal, and even beyond.

High quality products with integrity means showcasing what is available in its best form or light.


IMPACTWe believe in striving to make a meaningful and positive impact on our guests, our community, our environment— and ourselves.

Meaningful and positive impact means we want to improve everyone and everything that our business touches.

Impact on our guests means cultivating and facilitating a dining experience that is special and memorable. It means being authentic and honest so that you can make real connections.

Impact on our community means we want to positively contribute not just to our industry, but to all people who are affected by our presence.

Impact on our environment means we use local and sustainable resources whenever possible. We look for ways to leave the planet

a little better than we found it.

Impact on ourselves means helping each other be better every day, both at work and outside of it. We help each other learn new skills, we support education and we encourage the pursuit of dreams.


TRANSPARENCYWe are transparent. We clearly communicate what we do and why

we do it. We strive to always be fair and actively create an environment in which people can feel safe and be heard.

Clearly communicating what we do and why we do it means consistently taking time to help everyone understand our actions, so they can be prepared to do their best work every day.

Striving to always be fair means setting clear expectations, and rewarding—or correcting—behavior accordingly. It means having a level playing field, and not playing favorites.

Actively creating an environment in which people can feel safe and be heard means encouraging all staff to share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions—and making sure there are no repercussions for doing so.